Reconnecting with you, our loyal readers, every time we publish a new article represents a fundamental nut in the process of communication gear that we have always wanted to establish between you all and us as service providers. Our blog raises the appropriate platform to discuss matters of common interest, especially those which are rarely commented about. Therefore, in the fourth post of the year we have decided to discuss a barely known, yet hugely important aspect included in our list of benefits. We are specially referring to the legal facilities offered by the law department of Health Care Alliance, better known as Analistas Jurídicos.

In HCA we work focusing on offering a unique and comprehensive service like no other in the country, but this wouldn’t be possible without the help of our righteous friends in suits and ties. You will easily notice that the path they have followed in this field is clearly reflected in the experience and effectiveness with which they approach and face each situation. Unknown laws, annoying legal procedures and language barriers are just a few of the inconvenient you might encounter in your attempt to carry out certain legal Panama related proceedings. Why going through all that? Once again, and as we have asked you in past opportunities: leave the hard work to us. We want you to relax and chill out while we manage the situations we already know how to handle.

Our advisors provide their time and knowledge in the handling and initial consultation on the following situations:

. Inmigration: you must first find out everything you need in order to legalize your status, get a visa, or others. Then you’d better be ready to make endless lines just to get a few answers from the officials at the desk. Let’s be honest here. This could be like a pain in the lower back. Save your time and consult us. We know what you need, how to accelerate procedures and above all, we’ll be your support system throughout the whole process.

. Assets Handling: transfer goods, money or commercial rights.

Assurance of capital: open and maintain corporations.

Real estate: as any country, Panama states a series of necessary regulations to make your dream of buying a house possible. We advise, guide and help you on anything it may arise in front of you.

Other important issues we take care of include the authentication are marriages and management of tax benefits. Don’t worry if your legal concerns were not detailed in the list you just read. If you need an additional service that is out of our hands, we will know exactly which firm we should refer you to.

For any other information, plese contact us and we will help you.