According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Panama is in the top 10 cheapest cities in the world. To their territorial skirts rest two seas; you can enjoy the Pacific during the morning and then have dinner at the Caribbean, all in the same day. Take a ride to Boquete and appreciate its temperate climate surrounded by mountains, lakes and colorful flora. Let’s not forget about the convenient use of the US dollar. Panama seems to have it all, but when it comes to you, an honorable veteran and Tricare from The Armed Forces of the United States of America, there is one aspect in particular to take into account: health facilities. Rest and relax in your favorite hammock, Healthcare Alliance has your back.


Since 2005 our mission has always been to serve all veterans and retirees residing in this charming land with the best care possible covering, first and foremost, each of their medical requirements, and even some of a personal nature. Our experienced and trained staff is prepared to assist you and your family also. Best of all is how easy it is to enjoy our benefits. You do not require anything else than a valid ID and your medical prescriptions. We take care of absolutely any other detail which may arise in the process. We know it is hard to believe, but it’s that simple.


This is how we help you:

There is no need to even leave home; you’ll probably find yourself enjoying a typical sunny Panamanian day. Send us the list of your medicines and our internal courier will carefully take care of it, putting them in your hands in less than 24 hours from the moment they are ordered. Whatever prescribed medicines or medical services you need, we take care of them.


We not only care for your health, but also for your comfort and quality of life in all possible aspects. Now offering PO Box addresses and a PO Box home delivery service, medical laboratories, counsel in the administrative and legal process of purchasing and managing properties, medical consultations and service payments.


Our constant communication with Tricare and VA guarantees your latest updates when it comes to new laws, benefits, innovations and regulations that involve our HCA family.


Seven homes:

Nine years have already passed since the opening of our first affiliated medical service house. Today we have seven branches strategically distributed throughout length of the city and two others in the countryside. While it is true, we understand the importance of expanding the assistance, we feel proud to be offering on-demand quality service.


Your Pharmacy (San Francisco, Panama), Sky (Vía España, Panama), Ocean Pharmacy (Bella Vista, Panama), Blue Pharmacy (Betania, Panama), We Care Pharmacy David (David, Chiriquí) We Care Pharmacy Chorrera (Chorrera, Panama) and Dynamic Physiotherapy Center (San Francisco, Panama) will always provide a specialized treatment at the hands of doctors, nurses, and other professionals, fully equipped for the demands of Tricare and Veterans Administration. Our standardized philosophy of management guarantees a first class service in any of the affiliates where you seem more comfortable to be received.


Dynamic Physiotherapy Center supplies its services inside and outside their enclosures. If required, feel free asking for the physiotherapy home service.


More than 500 satisfied patients around the nation speak a thousand words. For us it is a pleasure to serve, for them a comfortable lifestyle that can now be enjoyed in one of the best stages of life, retirement. We are focused on cultivating a relationship founded on the reliability of our offer. For more information call at 831 – 6100, email us at, or contact us through email, and Facebook.


Our Locations: We have four locations to serve you.

Sky Pharmacy near Via Transistmica: We are located just off of Via Transistmica, near the McDonald’s restaurant. If you are coming in to Panama City from the interior of the country, cross the Bridge of the Americas and go straight into Panama City on Via Transistmica. Go past the University of Panama and cross over the bridge that transverses over Tumba Muerto. You will go past a gas station and the Mega Depot on your right hand side. There is a McDonald’s restaurant at the next traffic signal. Turn right at that intersection, and we are one block down on your right hand side. There is easy parking right in front of the pharmacy. (Planta Baja, Edificio Ravar, Avenida Ramon Arias, Corregimiento de Bellavista) Our telephone numbers are 390-2983 or 390-2984, Fax: 393-9996, E-mail: (See map below.)

Your Pharmacy in San Francisco, Panama City. Located near Calle 50, turn right at the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant and then take the next right turning between the Semusa building and the “Vets” clinic. We are located halfway down that block on the left-hand side with easy parking in front of the facility. You can also reach us from the Via Israel side as shown on the map below. We are located between Calle 73 and 74 in San Fransisco. Our telephone number is 226-8119 and 226-8217.

Physical Medicine in San Francisco. Located near Calle 50 entering Calle 74 between KFC and Banco General just pass two blocks diagonally left to VETS. Our telephone number is 226-3465.

We Care Pharmacy in David, Chiriquí. We are located in the Urb. San Mateo, Calle B-Sur, between 5th and 6th streets, house #6597. Our telephone number is 775-7042.

Ocean Pharmacy in Panama City: Located on Ave. Cuba near the Hospital Nacional, two blocks before the main entrance to the hospital, on the right hand side of the street. Contact or telephone 222-3926.

Dr. Care Clinic: located in La Chorrera, between Calle H and Ave. La Amistad next to Supermarket El Pueblo. Contact: Phone: 253-0632.