Dynamic Physiotherapy Center plays an elemental role among the medical services Health Care Alliance Panama offers to its affiliates. There is a special group of people in our HCA family who find themselves in need of a fully specialized attention due to physical traumas, either acute or chronic, suffered in the skeletal or muscular system and which have been caused by accidents or unintentional abuse. Fortunately, our rehabilitation center counts with a certified team of physiotherapists willing to improve the life quality of those under such circumstances following the recommendations and recovery programs issued by the doctor of each patient.

Our care plan, based on diverse exercises and therapies, offers a non-pharmacological alternative ensuring the maximum functionality and recovery of your body. All we require is your medical referral and trust. You’ll be in good hands.

Take a look, this is how we assist you:


  • Electrotherapy: analgesic, antiinflammatory, muscular strengthening, control pain, among other benefits;
  • Hydrotherapy: water-based treatment. Ideal for battling injuries, rheumatism and respiratory and neurological conditions;
  • Therapeutic Gym: fully equipped with everything necessary to guarantee improvements through effective workouts and therapies. This space also facilitates mechano-therapy.
  • Massage therapy: use of massage techniques to treat all kinds of injuries;
  • Proprioception: it works to improve direction, range and reaction of muscles;
  • Thermotherapy: pain is relieved using therapeutic heat by radiation, conduction or convection;
  • Cervical and lumbar traction: we stretch the muscles and ligaments to reduce pain in the affected areas;
  • We also provide neuromuscular rehabilitation.


When applying the science of physical therapy is not only important knowing the right methods for each situation. It is also highly relevant to keep proper track and evaluation of the patient’s progress as we do in HCA:

  • Evaluation of the patient’s mobility without assistance;
  • Postural evaluation;
  • Muscular balance testing;
  • Balance testing;
  • Measurement of limbs length;
  • Semiology.


One of the most advantageous qualities of Dynamic Physiotherapy Center is that in case you have trouble reaching us, we go to your house or where service is needed. Please, do not hesitate to contact us: 831-6100.


Find us:

San Francisco74th East Street, Panama. Go straight until seeing VETs Veterinary Center, then take the left hand after the Metro Pharmacy store. Our physiotherapy center is sutiated in the first building by your left hand.